About Us

We hope you'll love your new Lori Jack sandals and all the compliments you'll be receiving. Each pair is handcrafted in the USA with genuine Swarovski® Elements. Each pair of sandals is packaged in a white organza bag and also comes with extra Swarovski® crystals in case you need to make a repair. Each pair is individually signed.

Most customers own many more than one... they are beautiful, comfortable and get a lot of attention! How many do you have?


Lori decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her passion for shoes after making her first pair of Lori Jack’s and wearing them around town back in 2003. She combined her favorite flip flops with the sparkle of Swarovski® crystals. She knew she was onto something big as her friends all wanted several pairs! She took them to a few local stores to test the demand and the stores couldn't keep them in stock. Lori Jack's can now be found in over 300 boutiques and resorts including the Four Seasons, Fontainebleau, Pelican Hill, Canyon Ranch and Montage just to name a few!

Lori Jack was co-named after Lori and her yellow lab, Jack. Jack sadly passed away in 2015 and he is dearly missed as he "oversaw" operations at the warehouse for over 10 years and always was waiting patiently to get a treat from the FedEx and UPS drivers. 

Lori has a degree in business from USC and experience in M&A, corporate finance, venture capital and accounting. She lives in Newport Beach, California and is also a mother of a young daughter.